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Tournament Rules

Sakal Presents Mapro Schoolympics 2019 Rules & Regulations:


  • 1. The SCHOOLYMPICS is an inter-school sports event which is open to participation for schools located only within Pune District.
  • 2. Eligibility of the player:
    • The Individual Sports events are open for participation only as per age categories of 10 to 12 years, 12 to 14 years and 14 to 16 years. A lower age player cannot participate in the higher age group.
    • The Team Sports events have only one category, the Under-16 group which will accommodate players of the age 10 years to 16 years.
    • The participating player must be a student of the school and must be studying in 10th standard (or lower class than that). No student of the same institution from Junior College will be accepted and any such inclusion would be considered as a violation of rules.
    • School/Sport representative will be responsible for all the information being submitted and any violation of the eligibility rules would lead to disqualification of the entire school from Sakal presents Mapro Schoolympics 2019.
    • The following age chart must be referred for the age calculations and any deviation from these would lead to disqualification of the participating school from all the events of Sakal presents Mapro Schoolympics 2019.
Sr. no. Birth Date Age Group
1 Born on or after 1.1.2004 – Born on or before 31.12.2005 14yr-16yr
2 Born on or after 1.1.2006 – Born on or before 31.12.2007 12yr-14yr
3 Born on or after 1.1.2008 – Born on or before 31.12.2009 10yr-12yr
  • 3.Awards:
    • A. The winner of the final round of each sport category will receive a Gold medal.
    • B. The first runner-up of the final round of each sport category will receive a Silver medal.
    • C. The second runner-up of the final round of each sport category will receive a Bronze medal.
    • D. Overall Championship awards would be awarded on the basis of points tally, as per the points:
      • A. For individual sports: Gold – 5 points, Silver – 3 points and Bronze – 1 point
      • B. For Team Sports: Gold- 15 points, Silver- 9 Point, Bronze- 3 Points
  • 4. Registrations:
    • A. Every school should first fill up the School registration form, player registration form & player(s)-per-sport details.
    • B. Recently clicked identity size photo of the participating player must be uploaded on player registration from.
    • C. In school registration form and player registration form fill all mandatory details.
    • D. Please note all field marked with *are mandatory fields.
    • E. Please note that the school can have only one team representing the ‘school-per-team’ Sports event category.
    • F. Registration Fees :-
      • Each Team Sport Event Category – Rs. 750.00/-
      • Each individual per event category – Rs. 75.00/-
    • G. The Player registration details must be verified by the respective authorities of the school.
    • H. The registration would be complete only when the fee payment has been made at SAKAL presents MAPRO SCHOOLYMPICS registration desk. The mode of payment could be either cash or cheque. For cheque payments, please issue the cheque in favour of ‘Sakal Media Pvt. Ltd’.
    • I. The school shall bear the responsibility and ensure that only valid Sports Representative(s) fill in the form. Any complaints regarding the misrepresentation of school will not be considered once the payments are made.
    • J. If one player is participating in more than one sport the organizer is not responsible for clashes of events.
    • K. Upon submission of the completely filled online form the final submission form will be sent to your registered email address (sports representative and not that of the Participating students). This form has to be printed at your end and must be submitted in original with the signatures of the participants and school Principal along with the school seal. Only when the school submits this signed and stamped copy of the form in original along with the fees the participation shall be confirmed.
    • L. The deadline for the submission of School registration form is 10th August 2019 and Player registration process is 10th september 2019. No registration will be accepted after this date.
    • M. On the spot entries/changes will not be entertained.
    • N. On the completion of registration, the Sakal presents Mapro Schoolympics shall issue accreditation cards for all participating players. Each player is requested to carry this validated card at all times during the tournament.
  • 5.Player Replacement : School may replace a player from a team sports event only with a valid reason and has to submit Rs.50/- per player with documented proof of the reason for replacement. Such replacements would be considered as a permanent change to the team squad and can be done until a week prior to the scheduled dates of the tournament.

6. Technical Regulations :

    • All the rules & regulations of the sports shall be in accordance to the standard rules as decided by the respective associations. As exception, for Kabaddi sport maximum weight limit for Under 16 is 55 kilos for boys and 55 kilos for girls. If the weight of the player is above the given weight limit he /she will be disqualified from the tournament.
    • B. Format :-
      • All formats shall be based on the number of entries received. The team sports would have the qualifiers / main draw as per the number of entries.
      • Individual sports such as Athletics, Swimming, Skating & Cycling would have time trials for qualifying round while sports like Badminton, Tennis, Table –Tennis, Chess, Archery would have qualifying rounds with different scoring / time format than the finals.
    • C. Lots & Fixtures :-
      • The details of the tournament dates / lots and fixtures shall be conveyed to the participating schools in October 2019.
      • Tournament will be scheduled between November – December 2019.
    • Every team / Individual must report one hour prior to the scheduled time at the venue of the event or else the respective team / Individual will be disqualified from the tournament.
    • D. Matches will be delayed if necessitated by circumstances.
    • E. Any changes in the schedule or the timing of the match will be at the discretion of the organizers.
    • F. All the participants are requested to show exemplary behavior and the spirit of sportsmanship.
    • H. Protest :-
      • A protest / appeal regarding any particular sports should be lodged with the jury of appeal for that respective sport.
      • A protest fee of Rs.700/- must be paid to lodge for any protest. If the protest is successfully proven in favour of the protesting individual, this fee would be refunded in full. Such protest has to be validated by school & sports representative of that particular school. Every school has 3 chances of appeal for the whole Schoolympics tournament.
  • 7. Cancellation Policy
    • A. In case the school decides to withdraw its participation for the entire SAKAL presents MAPRO SCHOOLYMPICS registration fees shall be fully refunded. This withdrawal should happen at least 10 days prior to the scheduled dates of tournament.
    • B. NO REFUND shall be made in case of withdrawal of an individual participant from Sakal presents Mapro Schoolympics 2019.
    • C. Post registration process if overall participation is less than the minimum number of players as per the details mentioned below then that particular sport event will stand cancelled and registration fees shall be fully refunded.
      • SWIMMING – 3 nos.
      • ALL TEAM EVENTS – 6 Teams.
      • GYMNASTICS – 4 nos.
      • SHOOTING / ARCHERY – 4 nos.
      • CHESS – 8 nos.
      • CYCLING- 3 nos
  • 8. Results of the event would be final as per the judges’ panel and no complaints in this regard would be entertained regarding their decision.
  • 9. For any queries regarding The SAKAL presents MAPRO SCHOOLYMPICS, please call (8484069768 for PMC)or (8484069764 for PCMC) between 10 am to 6 pm.
  • 10. Sakal shall remain the final authority over any disputes, no complaints shall be entertained once decisions are taken.